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Monday, December 13, 2010

What is a Captret

A Captret is a capacitor that uses the case as a lead. So not only does a captret have a positive(+) and a negative(-) it has what I call a (o). The "o" is the just the case of the capacitor and it has its own special properties.

For those that are new to what the captret is and what it does I love to show them this simple video.
In this video I show that a normal capacitor can be charge from a battery and connecting a LED to the leads will light the LED once, one charge gives you one flash from the LED. I then go on to show that the captret can be charge like a normal capacitor but instead of discharging from the leads of the capacitor I discharge from the case and the positive of the capacitor and I get one flash, but then I connect the LED up to the positive and the negative leads like normal and get another flash. What I demonstrated was that the captret could give me TWO flashes for the price of ONE charge.

From this mere idea gave new and exciting speculations of what is going on, some may say that overunity or free energy can be achieved from the captret idea. It would seem possible when you consider that the LED did flash twice with only one charge.

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