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Monday, December 13, 2010

Captret LED driver circuit

The Captret LED driver circuit was not created after many test to see what would work, I got it right the first time. I remember that I was trying to sleep and the idea of being able to flash a LED twice for the price of one charge lingered in my head. The simple captret LED driver circuit stuck in my head, I never expected it to work so I wrote it down in my notebook to try out in the morning.

Video of the captret LED driver circuit.

After getting it all connected everything that you expect a circuit would do it did, the voltage went down as the load which is a LED was running. The captret did something that I didn't expect to happen, the voltage started to go up. The voltage would continue to go up but never exceed the original standing voltage. I would let the LED's run over night but the LEDs would always get dimmer over time as the voltage went back up. This seemed to be a good thing as it gave some resting time to the battery which help give the captret LED driver circuit its good efficiency. Even though the LEDs did get dimmer, some captret didn't show the dimness until after a few hours and putting some captret in parallel kept the dimness away for longer. It was clear to me that the captret LED driver circuit was much more efficient way to run LEDs, and a great way to recycle my dead 9 volt batteries.

It also seems that the captret made normal capacitors into super capacitors too.

I try to keep my diagrams of my circuits simple so that anyone can make the circuit. Diagram is above.

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