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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My biggest problem with this whole Captret idea is getting people to listen. No one really seems to care. People want a free energy device that has some mysterious devise on it from a unknown origin. Or people want some type of complex circuit requiring complex components, Its the mystery that keeps people coming back. I've concluded that there is no conspiracy when it comes to free energy devices, it just that people don't care. Most, if not all, free energy out their are frauds and the way you know is if it has some mystery to it, some missing part or thing you need to get it to work or a sum of money for them to get it going. If you do manage to make a free energy device and give it freely away people would not care because it doesn't hold that romance of the mystery that makes it work. Why should people care? They're already brain washed from there daily TV intake to even focus on what i'm doing and can't even understand what i'm doing because they simply don't care. My second biggest problem is that I do care, and in the end it all doesn't matter. At this point all I can say is "all well", I'll keep on doing what i'm doing and if you need me i'll be the guy running his lights for free for life.