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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studying the Captret more

The Captret idea was created to get people to think outside the box. I and many others have seen some captret circuits and even simple capacitor circuits self charge a battery or another capacitor. I even done test where I hook two capacitors up, one bigger than the other, and watch not only one increase in voltage but both increase in voltage. From playing around with capacitors have really peaked my interest in them and I'm trying to figure out why they would self charge like what I described in my Captret and Capacitor circuits. Why does a capacitor still have voltage even when its been shorted out? Some might say dielectric absorption, but I think it goes much deeper than that.

The Captret and Capacitor studies have led me to figure this mystery of the self charging capacitors, where is this electricity coming from. If you take a look at a capacitor you'll notice all it is two aluminum plates separated by a dielectric and thats it. Plates separated by a dielectric is the key to the excess electricity that capacitors have. It's a know fact that water is a dielectric and if you place two dissimilar metals in water you get voltage due to the galvanic reaction, but if you have the same plates like you do in a capacitor then the textbooks you should not get any voltage because the plates are the same. The truth is that the same metals placed in pure distilled water will produce a voltage and this is the excess electricity we see in capacitors. Same metals in water is what I've been studying now and now I understand why the captret could have self charging circuits. What I don't understand now is why do the same metals in water produce a voltage, I've searched everywhere to see if anyone could explain this but they all say that the same metals should not produce any voltage.

I've created a new Blog on the subject of the same metal water battery producing voltage here


  1. Have a look at the Earth's natural electric field for an answer on why a electrolytic capacitor tends to self charge. The Earth is also a natural capacitor in addition to a natural magnet that is trapping the charged particles that are flowing out of the sun (solar wind and corona mass ejections). These charged particles charge up the Earth and the disturbances in this electric field charge (caused by all of the movement on the Earth's surface) in turn imparts a charge to these capacitors by way of induction.

  2. Hi ibpointless2.
    Have you look at lasersaber works at JSR looper?
    The transformer that he use is very interesting and seems related with captret phenomena.